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 Goodie Glow believes that it is every persons birthright to feel confident in their own skin. With a dedicated approach, targeted treatment plans, and most importantly compassion, Goodie Glow will guide you to confident, healthy skin that comes from within. Why? Because you deserve it!




                       glow giver

Devon Goodie is a licensed esthetician with over 13 years of experience in serving her community. She is a natural born healer who is extremely passionate about helping others feel their absolute best. By continuing to advance her education, incorporating energy work, and utilizing the most active ingredients available, Devon is able to specialize in a diverse array of concerns; all to ensure that she can help as many people as possible. Devon believes that with a results-driven approach and compassion anything is possible! When she is not in the treatment room you can find Devon enjoying time with her family, traveling, spending time at the beach, and most importantly

living in the moment. 

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