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  • What should I do before my appointment?
    Less is more when you arrive to your appointment as well as before. > Avoid using any active products such as AHAs, physical scrubs, Retinoids, or enzymes 4-5 days before your appointment. > Arrive with a bare face and plan on not wearing make up or working out for the rest of the day. > Plan on knowing what current skin care you are using so we may discuss thoroughly.
  • Which treatment should I book?
    Every treatment always starts with a thorough consultation followed by a game plan. If you are unsure of which treatment is best for you, schedule the one that appeals to you most and leave a note mentioning what you would like to focus on. Upon your arrival, we will discuss different treatments if necessary and have the ability to switch your treatment if needed.
  • Can I pay using the card on file?
    No, the card on file is used only to secure your appointment should you result in being charged a cancellation/no show fee. (See INFO page for full policy). Please bring your physical card, cash, or have Apple Pay set up for your payment method.
  • Will my skin be red or peel after the treatment?
    This will all depend upon the treatment plan we put in place. With each analysis you will always be given full disclosure as to what our options are when it comes to treating your skin. While some of my treatments can result in a healthy, stimulated glow, you can always feel free to let me know your preferences.
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