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Best facial ever!! Devon is a pro and knows exactly how to treat your skin. She makes her own concoctions and forms facials especially for you. She knows just what to do to give your skin her signature glow. I wouldn't trust my skin with anyone else. HIGHLY recommend!


I've been to many estheticians over the years & struggled with constant breakouts & acne scars. No one has been able to help me clear my skin like Devon. She is incredibly knowledgable about all skin types & what products you need. I've learned so much about my own skin. I never thought I would say this, but I don't even need to wear any  makeup anymore! Thank you for giving me my Goodie Glow!



As a doctoral student in a health and wellness field, I wanted an esthetician who does her research and is knowledgable on what ingredients and products really work. I got that with Devon. It was an investment, & it was worth regaining my self-esteem & not feeling like I need to hide my face under layers of makeup. She customizes her treatments according to your needs & preferences & is exceptionally knowledgable if you need guidance on your skincare routine. I highly recommend you get a Goodie Glow!

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